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There are two basic types of Fast-Dry Courts. 85% of the courts in this area are Clay Loam Courts. These consist of a thin layer of fast dry material over sand and loam. These are not True Har-Tru Courts. Har-Tru Courts are green crush natural stone with a chemical binder over a base of stone and screenings, giving them better drainage.

  • Remove the old surface

  • Roll the court    

  • Application of 2 tons of Lee Fast Dry Material

  • Roll the court

  • Put down lines and hang net  

  • Roll court

  • Application of 100 lbs. of calcium chloride

  • Paint the net posts

  • Application of weed killer as needed

Court Order, Inc. welcomes

Shelter Island customers for

court openings

Opening a Fast-Dry Court is mandatory.

You will need to remove all the old material that has lost its binding properties and replace it with new material. We offer two options for court openings.


If you choose the standard option, you can choose a maintenance plan for your service.

Please call

for all pricing


Standard opening

Mandatory Court Openings

This is our all inclusive package.

Supreme opening

  • Remove the old surface

  • Roll the court    

  • Application of 3 tons of Lee Fast-Dry material

  • Roll the court

  • Put down new lines and your net  

  • Roll court

  • Application of 200l bs. of calcium chloride

  • Paint the net posts

  • Application of weed killer as needed

  • Weekly Maintenance

  • Closing at the end of the season

We sell rollers

Fast-Dry Court maintenance

Maintain your court to keep it playable.  Choose from weekly or bi-monthly service

(bi-monthly does not guarantee against weeds).  We encourage service more than

once a week and is easily accommodated upon request.

What's included in a service?

Maintenance visits include rolling the court, applying fast-dry material, and calcium chloride as needed. We also sweep ant court and lines.


Adjust your sprinkler times throughout the season as the weather varies. Proper watering is key to a great-playing court. Please feel free to call us for suggestions, however you should contact your irrigation professionals for adjustments. We recommend that all our customers know where the manual switch is. Ten or fifteen minutes of watering may be all you need if your court is a little dry. You can always add water but you can't take it away.

Maintenance tips

  • Make sure that your sprinklers are operating properly.

  • Sweep the court before and after you play.

  • Keep all overhanging branches and growth away from the court.

  • Ants are a huge problem on the East End.  Your best bet is to call an exterminator.

  • An additional service will not help this problem, in fact, vibrations from the roller will actually disturb the ants and cause them to come to the surface and create more holes.

Court closings

If your court isn't closed, it can't be opened the following year. Close your court as soon as you’re done playing for the season. Make sure your lines and nails are removed, and take down your net. If not done in the fall, it will need to be done in the spring before your court can be opened. Contact us to schedule your court closing, as it won’t be done automatically.

What's troubling  your

court surface?


A tennis court can be soft if

it is too wet or too dry:


A wet court will be dark in color and spongy, and wet to the touch.


A dry court will be light gray

in color, sandy, and powdery.

Do not play on your court is so soft that you are leaving divots.

If you open your court before

Memorial Day week, it is strongly recommended that you contact us

for pre-season maintenance.


If you're an avid player and need maintenance more than once a

week, we can accommodate you.

Pre-season maintenance